A rigorous approach to concentration estimates

The use of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) in conjunction with the Sediview method provides an alternative to conventional methods allowing users to remotely measure the suspended sediment load of the flow with a temporal and spatial resolution sufficient for the examination of these dynamic sedimentary environments in detail.

Traditionally speaking, it is often difficult to accurately quantify the suspended sediment in a flow using conventional methods, particularly in dynamic, large-scale, high intensity environments such as estuarine and coastal waters. Data analysed using the Sediview method provides an alternative to these conventional methods circumventing many of the limitations typically encountered; particularly with regard to the spatial and temporal resolution of the data and the number of results that can be collected.

The Sediview package utilises well known theoretical principles to derive quantitative estimates of suspended solid concentrations through the water column. The Sediview method has been refined over the last 15 years, during which time both its principles of operation and the software's advantages over traditional techniques have been demonstrated and validated by peer reviewed publications.

In addition to measuring suspended sediment concentration, the Sediview method can be integrated with the ADCP current data to provide the user with measurements of total sediment flux. Suspended sediment surveys can be made using Sediview and an ADCP from a fixed location in space e.g. deployed in a frame on the seafloor, providing the user with a temporal analysis. Alternatively, the instrument can be vessel mounted, allowing the user to undertake measurements as a series of cross sections to calculate fluxes of both water and sediment flowing through open channels spatial analysis or for monitoring sediment discharge plumes created during dredging or disposal activities.

Suspended sediment concentration profile made across a river using Sediview.
Colour denotes concentration.


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