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Applied Technology & Management Inc are a leading management and consulting firm specialising in water resources, coastal engineering and the environment with offices in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. They are frequently involved in studies of sediment transport, often in connection with dredging operations, and were attracted to Sediview because it can be used for the quantitative assessment of sediment plume decay over long distances.

The Wetlands and Coastal Ecology Branch of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, Mississippi use Sediview to facilitate studies of the impacts of sediment plumes on fish behaviour. Corps scientists believe that examination of synoptic acoustic data sets describing suspended sediment gradients, current flow structures, and fish distributions will provide a unique capability to assess dredging-related impacts such as blockage of migratory routes. Sediview was chosen partly because of the relative ease with which data obtained using the Corps acoustic fish detection systems can be merged with Sediviews concentration and current data output formats.

Marine and Coastal Solutions (MCS) recently used Sediview 3 to assist with the calibration of a 3D hydrodynamic model of Cleveland Bay near Townsville in North Queensland, Australia.

Thetis s.p.a., working for the Consorzio Venezia Nuova use Sediview 3 to assist with their studies of water and sediment movement in Venice Lagoon, Italy.

GKSS Forschungszentrum in Germany use Sediview for monitoring in the Elbe River and the Wadden Zee. In addition, they have used it to identify suitable sites for dredged material disposal in the Elbe and to study water and sediment circulation patterns in the Hamburg Harbour basins to provide data for measures designed to reduce maintenance dredging requirements.

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