Navigation and current data referencing

Sediview will work with navigation data based on latitude and longitude (with scaling to the WGS 84 spheroid) or metric coordinates.

Users can toggle between bottom track or navigation data (GGA) for vessel positioning and can separately specify BT or navigation data for current referencing. Current data can be viewed and exported either as magnitudes and directions or as vectors.

The Sediview Track window showing full depth-averaged current vectors (true values) based on 3-ensemble averages

Current vector plots can also be generated showing vectors at individual bin depths, full-depth and split depth averages. The current data can be averaged over any number of ensembles and the vectors can be displayed as true values or as magnitudes in any user-defined direction. The vector scale can be adjusted for optimum clarity. The base of the vector plot can be displacement or geographic coordinates (latitude & longitude or metric grid).


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