Graphics output

All Sediview graphics can be formatted to the users specification, annotated, symbols and highlights added, and then printed directly, exported as graphics files or saved to the clipboard.

Accurately scaled colour-contoured plots of current, solids concentration, discharge and sediment flux can be generated. Users can select time, elapsed time, distance sailed or distance along a projection line as the X-axis. Current, data can be projected in any direction (independently of the direction of the X-axis). Colour legends and threshold values can be selected by the user.

Sediviews Contour Plot window showing current velocity perpendicular to a 136 degree projection line.

The Sediview Charts window can be used to create charts of any measured or recorded parameter (including all ADC outputs) plotted against time, sailed distance or projected distance. Charts can be printed directly, saved to the clipboard or exported as graphics files.


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