Other facilities

Other facilities include:

Sediviews ensemble browser showing velocity data

Ease of use
Most windows are linked - make a change in one and other windows will be updated. We have designed Sediview to be easy and quick to use. All functions can be accessed with a single mouse click. All controls are permanently displayed in their relevant windows - users can change one or all of the data processing or display parameters without having to open new windows.

Full quality assurance and quality control is built into Sediview 3. At no time does Sediview destroy or alter original measured data. Permanent printable records are maintained of all data collection and processing settings including any on-screen editing to remove bad or corrupt data from output files or graphics.

Sediview features

Key features and system requirements

A rigorous to approach to
concentration estimates

Semi-automatic calibration

Navigation and current data referencing

Graphics output

Numeric data output

Bad data solutions

Other facilities

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The Sediview package

The Sediview package provided by HR Wallingford includes: